3CAD new head office in Pieve di Soligo

Here at 3CAD we are proud to annouce and show you our new Headquarters in Pieve di Soligo. Less than two years after the beginning of the restructuring project, we are ready to enter our new offices. It does not take shape as a traditional office but as a manifestation of the concept of smart working. The basic objective is to give our collaborators an area that summarizes our philosophy of community of the future, made of work, but also of sharing, integration, mutual exchange and environmental protection.

Our goal has been to create a working space that reflected our brand and spirit of strong and modern solution. For this reason we opted for a combination of glass, steel, concrete and wood creating a solid, cozy and fresh environment for our employees, partners and Customers. This is a significant milestone in the growing path of 3CAD. We firmly believe that the typology of architectural spaces is important for the quality of work and of the resulting product. In 3CAD we pursue excellence, which is why we thought of a work environment suitable for the purpose.

The headquarters has been designed to create a professional, friendly and stimulating work environment, promoting a modern and dynamic exchange of information and ideas between those who live and work there, simplifying the mobility of people and within the various elements of the company. But the exchange must be above all with the outside world, the real reason for the existence of any company. Hence a project that has favored transparency and communication contents wherever possible, with a preference for glass and clear signs of acceptance and dialogue with those who – sharing the principles – want to relate to 3CAD. The spaces of the new headquarters have been designed with a view to occupational growth in 2019 and following years.

Proud of our past, preparing for our future