The 3D graphic configurator with the power of the web


3CAD next is a fully web based, multi platform 3d product configurator that runs in any browser, on any operating system and without any kind of installation. 3CAD next extends our powerful 3CAD evolution configurator maintaining full compatibility.

3D visualisations in your browser

Built with the latest web technology including HTML5 and by using a poweful 3d engine WebGL, 3CAD next holds the title of one of the most advanced 3d web based product configurators in the world.

Custom user interface

The user interface of the web configurator is designed to be completely customisable according to customer needs. Thanks to the technologies such as HTMLl5, WebGL, Angular JS and VUE.JS the customer can easily customize the user interface and adjust the functional aspect of the configurator.

Unique database

Having one unique database to mantain the configuration of your products, rules, variants and options gives you an advantage to stay organised and efficient and to easiliy share information between various systems.

Integration through powerfull API

By utilising our powerful API (Application programming interface) and smart modules you can easily interface your applicatons or any other third party apps with our system. 3CAD next is based on a relational database and it’s structure makes it easy to exchange data with other company systems. Interfacing with your ERP becomes an easy and effortless task, without any manual intervention, thus reducing the input errors.

Cross platform

3CAD next does not require any installation on the user’s pc, tablet or mobile phone. 3CAD next is written in technology that is supported on all platforms. You can open 3CAD next as a regular web page using your favourite browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or by using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads or Android phones and enjoy the full functionality of 3CAD next.

Built with speed in mind

3CAD next is built with the latest generation of web technologies that guarantees fluid, responsive and seamless user experience all the while maintaining the technical characteristics of 3CAD products.

Managing complex products

What has always distinguished the 3CAD configurator is the ability to manage complex products through its unique system of parametric rules.

3CAD next maintains all these features in a highly functional full web solution.

Website integration

Having being built with the latest web technologies, you can easily integrate 3CAD next within your own company website or connect to various e-commerce or crm platforms.

User permission management

3CAD is built with shop chains, stores, factories and end users in mind. Our powerful user permission management system allows you to stay in control with permission levels for differrent types of users.

Advanced order statuses

3CAD next controls and monitors all order statuses


  • Designing the order
  • Offer
  • Order confirmed
  • Production of the order

Parametric rule system

3CAD next is a powerful tool that allows very refined and personalized management of your products. The configuration process is based upon on a system of parametric rules that are defined through a simple to use programming language developed by DAU.

The know how of the rule language is transfered to our clients so they are able to utilise the immense potential and build their own rules.

Reports and statistics

3CAD next allows you to have detailed insight of your sales networks, orders, users and preferences and build customized reports for management control. All information can also be shared with external reporting tools.

  • Orders

  • Offers

  • Clients