The complete 3D solution for your company

3CAD suite was created for furniture and furnishing sector through software solutions that are effective for all the actors involved. A transversal solution to satisfy all 3 types of customers. Manufacturer, Dealer, Final Customer.

3cad next

Web based 3d solution

Remain connected with your clients (shops, agents, end users) with a fully web based 3d solution that works across platforms and is always up to date

3cad evolution

The most versatile configurator

Design your product catalogs with parametric 3d functions. Remain in control with price management, bill of material and connect with CNC machines. Obtain production information and interface with your ERP system.

3cad lite

Manage your sales network in real time

Versatile, powerful and easy to use, Always up to date databases. Real time cloud rendering and virtual reality.

3cad shop

The last shop tool you'll ever need

Multicatalogue, multi-environment, on-line, equipped with generic furniture and accessories catalogs that are always up-to-date. Dedicated prints and reports. Quality and speed of rendering, virtual reality and virtual room

Real-time sales network bidirectional integration

Web accessible catalog data residing on the company server guarantees immediate updating of the data available from its own resellers and the real-time access authorization. All these processes are managed by an easy-to-use control panel.

Automatic and centralised order management

Company authorised dealer calculates the offer with his own price list and sends the order to the producer with just one click. The producer recives the order and automatically processes the order prior to order being sent to production.

Maintain your own catalogs with rule system

The three-dimensional “graphic” catalog and the “rules” can be developed and integrated by qualified and trained company operators, thus guaranteeing autonomy, faster and more accurate updates.

CNC Order integration

3cad orders contain all the information required by CNC machines, treating standard and non-standard elements in the same way. Machines and production lines can be integrated into the network through a post-processor and can be connected to a barcode system for automatic piece recognition.

Custom user interface

The user interface of the web configurator is designed to be completely customisable according to customer needs. Thanks to the technologies such as HTMLl5, WebGL, Angular JS and VUE.JS the customer can easily customize the user interface and adjust the functional aspect of the configurator.

User permission management

3cad is built with shop chains, stores, factories and end users in mind. Our powerful user permission management system allows you to stay in control with permission levels for differrent types of users.

Dynamic and parametric bill of materials

The bill of material (BOM) with parametric rules is generated starting from the order graphics and it allows you to obtain production data that is always complete and correct in the face of any modification done on the composition of a piece of furniture or your product.

ERP Integration

The open nature of our software allows you easily integrate with any kind of software running in your company environment. The software uses already existing data information from your system so you are able to use a unique and shared central data point.

Personalised technical documents

Technical printouts (price lists, labels, technical drawings etc.) can be completely customised to satisfy every need.