Multi Catalog & Multi Environment tool



3CAD shop, based upon the 3CAD lite technology, is a multi-catalog and multi-environment tool that is mainly used by shop networks as it allows them to create orders composed of products belonging to catalogs of different suppliers. You can insert order compositions of all complexities: from the single piece of furniture to complete and complex compositions containing architectural elements and accessories. When you are ready to place your order – the order is split into a subset of smaller orders that are sent separately to each of your suppliers. The project is exported in a customized excel sheet or is automatically transfered to the management system. With 3CAD shop you can use specific print-outs and invoices required by the shop and common to all the catalogs.

Multi Catalog system

One of the strengths of the 3CAD shop graphic configurator is the ability to simultaneously manage different graphic files and insert them all together in the same order. Each of the catalogs can be used together or separately while dealing with the same customer.

Personalised print-outs

The print-outs and offers are simplified and tailored for the needs of the sellers. Each of the print-outs can be customised to perfection.

Automatic order placement

Order placement is automatic: you can choose to send the order only to some producers, or to all. In an automatic mode, the order will be delivered exclusively to the recipients chosen by the seller and each producer will see only their own ordered items.

Additional modules

3CAD shop includes a series of additional modules so you are able to greatly expand your solution : the module for large environments, the module for importing and exporting to dwg, 3ds, sketch-up, the effects module, lights and render any many others.

XLS export

One of the saving options include saving in XLS format with predefined templates which contain the customer details, order information, individual order lines, pricing details, totals and other information.

XML export

Once the project has been completed, it can be exported in XML format so that it can be imported into the most common management systems.