We offer consulting services and analysis of your business as well as different types of implementations, integrations, localization and customization of software. We provide support for our customers with the creation of graphical catalogs and the rules that underpin all ofthe 3cad catalogs.

Catalog management

3CAD catalogs are based on parametric rules. Our mission is to transfer our knowledge to our customers so you are able to have freedom in management of your own product catalogs. If you don’t have the internal resources to dedicate to this managment, we can dedicate our team of experts to develop your catalog of products by working closely with your technical department.

Group Training 

We regulary organise group trainings for our participants. Our web meetings offer a place for exchanging valuable information and sharing experience.


Second level online support service is provided to our direct customers. For international distributors, we offer a third level of support provided by trained and up-to-date professionals.


ERP Integration

The open nature of our software allows you easily integrate with any kind of software running in your company environment. The software uses already existing data information from your system so you are able to use a unique and shared central data point.

CAD/CAM integration with CNC

3CAD orders contain all the information required by CNC machines, treating standard and non-standard elements in the same way. Machines and production lines can be integrated into the network through a post-processor and can be connected to a barcode system for automatic piece recognition.

Personalised technical documents

Technical printouts (price lists, labels, technical drawings etc.) can be completely customised to satisfy every need.

Dynamic and parametric bill of materials

The bill of material (BOM) with parametric rules is generated starting from the order graphics and it allows you to obtain production data that is always complete and correct in the face of any modification done on the composition of a piece of furniture or your product.



The Render Farm is a web based system that provides photorealistic renderings in no time, with little effort to set the materials, objects and lights by the user. All without weighing down on the user’s machine because the processing is done remotely on dedicated servers. An ideal tool to impress your customers.

How does it work

Just with a simple click, your order is sent to the cloud to be rendered with the most advanced rendering methods so objects, materials, lights and shadows in your order quickly come to life. After a few seconds of processing you recive an image to your e-mail. This allows you to save money as you don’t have to equip each PC with expensive rendering hardware and the user is free to continue his work while the cloud service is preparing high quality images.


3CAD‘s Render Farm provides an incredibly functional tool for your shops and much more! Thanks to the Render Farm your users can request and obtain, in a short time, high quality rendered images at a low cost. The use of the Render Farm allows the user to have his workstation always free for any other activity, avoiding long processing times.

Dedicated servers

3CAD Render Farm is possible thanks to the cluster of dedicated servers, managed by the 3CAD platform, which guarantees continuity and operational speed while providing an effective service to your customers. The Render Farm provides different levels of quality resolution to meet the multiple needs of your customers for quality, price and response times.


Immersive reality

The 3CAD technologies support both the simple VR (displayed on the monitor) and the immersive VR by using a headset that imerses the user into a new kind of reality.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is the enrichment of human sensory perception through information, usually managed electronically, that would have not been otherwise perceptible with the five senses.


Holographic Mixed Reality with HOLOLENS adds virtual 3d elements to the users reality with which users can interact.

Customer Experience Map

Thanks to the collaboration with experienced partners in the field, 3CAD is redefining the Customer Experience Map for the furniture retail sector with the use of innovative tools based on virtual reality technology.