We are highly specialized professionals in the configuration sector



We employ over fifty brilliant employees full of enthusiasm and dedication to their work and this is the main reason why our customers feel satisfied and recommend us. Our young and motivated group is heterogeneous: it consists of highly qualified people, both with a commercial and technical profile, that provide a 360° service which ensures an effective, diversified and innovative solutions to your problems.


Our team is specialized in various market segments, constantly updated and trained on the technical specifics of various sectors. This allows us to provide a high quality and always comprehensive service, open to dialogue with the client so that the best results can be achieved. We guarantee to our customers the maximum efficiency and promptness in providing specific answers to their questions, we build the basis for a road in continuous development.


For a company that operates in areas related to IT and technology it is essential to be constantly updated. DAU implements a continuous training program for our staff of software consultants and programmers with the aim of always being up-to-date with the most modern development languages and trends.


Be belive that creativity is a determining factor when developing successful solutions. Following roads already traveled by others is not in our DNA, we prefer to explore new spaces even with the risk of getting lost because only then we are able to find the right path.


In the development of our software we implement the most advanced technical solutions available. We’re on a constant lookout for cutting-edge solutions, we are at the forefront of adopting and testing pioneering development tools because we want to guarantee to our customers the latest generation of applications.


We operate worldwide thanks to a network of distributors located in Europe, the Americas, Russia and China. Our operators move with ease at international level to provide advice to partners and customers. Our software is used by more than 180,000 users located anywhere in the globe.


Our development team of expert programmers use consolidated languages for the realization of professional applications. We follow source code design standards that allow us to be interchangeable and to manage implementations and changes promptly and without loss of performance.


Our solutions are accompanied by complete and updated manuals. Furthermore, our customers can benefit from a telephone hotline, explanatory videos, technical material and a wiki where they can find information and make communities with other users.