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3cad next architecture – a short global overview

In this article we’re going to make a global overview of how 3cad next application is structured and organised , describing each component and it’s role within the 3cad eco-system.

What are the components?

3cad next is made up from 3 main components all working together. What are they?


The frontend is, as the name suggests – a frontend view,  a presentation layer –  website presented to your end users. By navigating to your website’s URL the frontend application loads – presenting all of the components of the 3cad  application. We offer a standardised user interface but the frontend is completely customisable. This means that each part of the frontend can be customised, rearanged – tailored to your needs and with your company branding.

We offer customisation services based on your requirements, but you are also free to customise the UI by your self – either by your internal IT department or by hiring an external developer. Along the way, we offer support and documentation to guide you along this process.

This also means the user can pick up his work from any device at any time which bring us to mobile platforms. Web apps are written with all device sizes in mind and are easier to adapt in various mobile applications.

Side by side: Two different frontend UI designs

The frontend design follows the MVC (Model–view–controller ) architecture, separating the application's logic from it's presentation. This enables quick and easy UI customisation and management.

Backend / API

The backend is an application behind the scenes. It’s a set of services that interact with the frontend and/or other authorised external applications. The backend provides logic, calculation, services, data management and much more. In the client / server architecture – the client is the frontend part while the backend is a high performance server machine dedicated to the processing of requests coming from either clients or other connected apps.

Furthermore, the backend or API (Application programming interface) is a data access layer, connected to a storage server containing the data (orders, prices, customers, accounts, catalog, databases etc) – capable of processing requests coming from various systems. This makes integration with your existing systems easy and standardised.

The backend is ran by a powerful machine and optimised for high workloads and high performance – ensuring that all of the connected clients run seamlessly and constantly.

Client – Server architecture

The backend is secured through a poweful user authentication system and an encrypted RSA-2048 protocol


Last, but not least – the backend connects to a dedicated central storage server. The storage securly contains all of your vital information – from databases to your product information – and delivers it upon a secure request either by a frontend client or an authorised external application through the BACKEND/API.

Besides standard 3cad information contained within the storage you are able to expand it with your own giving you the freedom to tailor the system to your needs.

Architecturally, the three components of the 3cad next application are hosted with 3cad optimised OVH servers, but can be installed on external servers or even hosted within your premisses.

We hope we’ve brought you a better overview of the 3cad next’s architecture. You can find more info by visiting this link.

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