3cad applications



Factory 4.0 and Lean Production

Bidirectional integration with ERP management software


The open nature of our software allows you easily integrate with any kind of software running in your company environment. The software uses already existing data information from your system so you are able to use a unique and shared central data point.

CAD/CAM Integration with CNC machines


All the interface information to the CNC machines originates from the 3cad graphic order, treating standard and non-standard elements in the same way. Machines and production lines can be integrated into the network through a post-processor and can be connected to a barcode system for automatic piece recognition.

Technical documents and customized elaborations


The output of technical documents (production documents, department prints etc.) is customizable in layout and content, thus adapting to all the production needs of your company. We follow the customer in the creation of all the custom processing necessary for the integration of 3cad in the real world production.

Dynamic and parametric bill of material 

The bill of material (BOM) with parametric rules is generated starting from the order graphics and it allows you to obtain production data that is always complete and correct in the face of any modification done on the composition of a piece of furniture or your product. BOM levels are managed with dynamic definition (through formulas and conditions) included with phases and cycles of processing and visualization in 3d of the work to be carried out on the individual components.